in short, kamerheld is three things:
1 - a personal hobby in toy photography. check out my portfolio or follow me on Instagram.
2 - creating epic visuals for children using their own toys and based on their imagination.
3 - organizing photography and diorama workshops for children and adults, utilizing toys.

photoshoots :
kamerheld brings your child's imagination to life using their toys. your child receives a poster or photo of their hero in their room. the toys are needed for a few weeks. they're shipped to me safely, and I create a backstory for them. I handle the photoshoot and provide high-quality images, even multiple ones.
workshops :
kamerheld organizes fun photography workshops for all ages. learn about photography and creatively capture stories using toys and objects. we create scenes with practical effects for fantastic images, simulating splashes, explosions, and more.
collab :
want to collaborate? kamerheld is open to ideas like integrating toy photography into events, enhancing marketing campaigns, creating on-site dioramas, and providing images for catalogs or toy lines.
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